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Seraph Estates are specialist property managers, whether we are asked to manage one house, a block of flats or a portfolio of a few hundred, our attention to detail and knowledge of the latest legislation means that every property is dealt with in an efficient manner whilst maintaining a high service level.  We are able to provide a management service across the UK in most locations (please enquire).  With our management service you receive all the benefits of our tenant find service along with a continued service at every step, reducing all the stresses and hassles normally involved with property management, including late night calls, emergency repairs and tenant arrears.  Below details some of the services we provide in our management.

Beginning of Tenancy...

This is often a stressful time for a landlord managing his or her own property, ensuring everything is in order and arranging an appropriate time to do it. Our specialist staff can make this process painless and hassle free and we're available until late and 7 days a week to make it easy for your tenants too. Among the things we do during this process are:(This is a property management service but can be requested as a one off job)

  • Cleaning - If it is the first tenancy we can arrange cleaning for you if you don't have the time. It is important the property is in as good a condition as you would like to get it back. If cleaning is required from the previous tenancy we can arrange that and it will often be charged to the tenant. If specialist cleaning (for instance carpets) is required we can also arrange this before the tenancy starts.
  • Inventory and Schedule of Condition - This is an extremely important part of the process now as this is referenced if there is a problem at the end of the tenancy and there is a disagreement as to missing items or condition of the property. Setting this up can be time consuming and sometimes things can be missed, so it is important to get someone who is experienced at this. All items that are in the property are noted along with their condition. Carpets, walls, worktops etc. all the way through the house are checked for marks or damage and noted, often with photographs taken. This provides yourselves and the tenants full information and reduces the likelihood of disagreements at the end of the tenancy.
  • Bills - Something which can be a very big headache for landlord and tenant. We will take all meter readings and register this with the utility suppliers. We also offer a bills service to the tenants to include the utilities in their rent. This reduces problems when the changeover takes place and avoids the frequent mix ups by the utilities companies that cause court summons for tenants, especially in shared houses. We can also arrange extra services like Sky or Virgin Media and we will inform the local authority for Council Tax purposes.
  • Check-in - One of our trained staff will be at the property to guide the tenants through the facilities and appliances of their new properties. They will go through safety features, how to work appliances, where meters are and where the shut off valves are for each property. They will also go through the inventory and then hand over the keys.
  • We will advise the tenants on how to take care of the property and ensure they know their responsibility as well as a guidance cost if things are damaged or require cleaning at the end of the tenancy. We have found this reduces the chance of damage or that things are left untidy.

Keeping up the good work...

Good management of a property is not just about the check-in and check-out process.
A strong focus on hands on management and providing top quality service to tenants lengthens the time that tenants stay in your property, reduces mainteance costs and overall maximises the potential of your investment.

      Consequently as it is very important to make the property work for you, we take the day-to-day management very seriously.

This service includes:

  • Property health checks - A visit to the property every 4 months ensuring that it is in good order and advising the tenants on how to keep it in good condition. We can also pick up any minor maintenance issues that if left, could cause a much bigger bill in the long run.
  • Tenant enquiries - We will deal with all tenant enquiries and only contact you if absolutely necessary. No more late night or weekend calls!
  • Rent Collection and transferral of monies to landlords - We will of course collect money from the tenants each month, usually by standing order and transfer it to your account within 14 days of the rent payment date.
  • Late rent chasing - Sometimes it is just a matter of a phone call, sometimes it is a little more sinister. It is never a pleasant thing, but our experienced staff can chase any late rent and most cases are resolved without any further action required.
  • Notice Serving and Court Arrangements - One of the worst parts of being a landlord, it doesn't happen often, but when it does, you need to be prepared and do everything correctly. We can serve the appropriate notices, give advice and if necessary instruct a legal team to start the necessary proceedings to regain possession of the property and lost revenue.
  • Arrange Repairs and Maintenance - An essential part of effective management of the property. We can arrange for our specialist team and associated contractors to deal with any problems or we can use any contractors that you specify.
  • 24 hour contact line - We know how important it can be to deal with matters when they arise.

Accounts and Financial Matters...

The receipts pile up and it is always something you will do 'next week'.

There are not many people that enjoy doing it, but keeping on top of your accounts and general taxation advice is one of the keys to having a successful portfolio, even if it is just a single property.

That is why we can provide general advice on financial matters and have a strong connection with a number of experts that can open up new avenues and optimize your investment.

We will also keep track of all the day to day finances and pass these onto your accountant, or we can pass it onto our affiliate accountants to complete your returns.

  • General advice on taxation, specialist advice is available.
  • Statements, sent to you at a frequency you request.
  • Preparation of accounts through our affiliate accountants.
  • Affiliate mortgage and insurance brokers that can open up new avenues to expand your portfolio or make your investment work harder.
  • Overseas landlords - We can arrange advice, help apply for your tax exemption form.

End of the Tenancy...

As much as we do to encourage tenants to stay longer, there comes a time when the property simply doesn't suit their changing needs, or you have decided you need the tenants changed or the property empty.

7This stage is as important as the check-in to ensure that a smooth turnover is achieved and the property is returned in the same condition it was in when the tenancy started.

  • We will serve the appropriate notices if you wish to end the tenancy or receive them and advise yourself if we receive notice from the tenants.
  • Pre-termination Visit - We will visit the property shortly after receiving or sending notice to advise the tenant on how to return the property its initial condition. We will also advise yourself on any maintenance that may need doing to get the maximum return for the next rental and arrange it with your approval to minimise the turnover time.
  • Personal check-out involving inventory, schedule of condition, key collection and arranging the appropriate distribution of deposit (usually 100% is returned to the tenant)
  • Ensuring the property is ready for the next tenant or ready for refurbishment (either by ourselves or other maintenance firms).
  • Should the end of the tenancy be occurring because of a sale to the current tenants we will take 0.75% of the sale as introducer.


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